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What is creativity?

It is the courage to start on a blank page.

Kontra Brand Studio is a group of people devoted to creating the most engaging brands and delivering real growth through marketing strategies and brand experience. We are folks with skills ranging from strategic planning and brand development through design and animation to psychology and behavioural economy.

The latter is a key to our analysis which we consider as rudimental for strategy and creativity to follow. Anytime we are working on a project for a client, we start with a blank page and ask: what if?

Is that cool for you? Then proceed. If not, better find yourself a regular brand studio. We are a bit different and we like to urge our clients to become so.


We offer our skills and experience to clients, who are in need of creating a new brand, rebranding, thinking about trying a new strategy. We are not an advertising agency and we do not do executive advertising. However, some executive services like researches and graphic design are part of our offer. See what we can do for you below:


Building a brand from scratch. Since that idea for business plan hits you, we start. Brand archetypes, personalities, naming, designing logotypes and visual identities, creating brand touchpoints and many more. We create concepts and design unique brand experiences which helps you retain customers and enhance their purchasing.



A good financial growth strategy is based on the correct financial architecture of the product or the entire portfolio. Understanding the market and the role of margin is even more important than understanding the pain spot of the target group. We will help you move your business to the next level.


content strategy

Advertisement sell products. However content creates a community that stays loyal to your brand. We will help you create a content strategy for your social media, your website and PR. We will design concept for your creative campaigns, editorial plan and we will recommend you the best suppliers for your needs. We will also analyze and measure the results throughout your channels.



Agency does not work for you, but for themselves. Do not worry, we know, those advertising agencies are important for a number of projects and companies. Agencies are good because people that work in them are replaceable, they are good in project management and know many tricks on how to get things done. However, it would be foolishness to trust them with your complete marketing strategy.


“If we could just have a magic crystal ball to know what people think!”. That is a common thought of marketers and advertising strategists. But we actually do have it. It is just not a ball but a tool called Pulsar Audience Insights. It is a unique data tool and we are the only ones in Eastern Europe to have it. Let us tell you what your customers think, not just about your brand, but about the whole product segment.


Brand strategy in one weekend. Using a world-unique method that combines measurable psychological tests with strategic marketing. We will help you find out what personality your brand has and what would your customer like to hear. Simply put - during one workshop, we will teach your business to speak the human language.



Kontra Brand Studio was founded by Adam Ondráček in Prague in 2019 after his 10 years experience in advertising and brand building. And these are the people he decided to surround himself with. These are founding members:



brand developer

Adam worked for ten years in advertising and creative agencies. After working on campaigns for brands such as Mastercard, ING, Benzina, ČSOB, Foxconn, Pilsner Urquell, or Mondeléz, he decided to build brands from the beginning and improve the strategies of those that exist.

He is the founder of the Kontra Brand Studio, graduated in Journalism and then Marketing Communication at Charles University. He acts as a mentor in the programs of Czech Invest and the European Space Agency Business Incubator.


markéta steinert


Marketa graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and specializes in visual systems and identity.

Among other projects, she is the author of the logo of the National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem, the identity of Prague Quadriennale, the conception of the orientation system of the Prague metro or the identity of the Film School in Uherské Hradiště.


vít škop


Vit is a visual designer. He focuses on interconnecting the artistic world with the commercial. He graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

He worked in London for Blackberry and studied in New York at the studio Pentagram and R/GA agency.

He is the author of visual systems for the international music festival Dvořákova Praha, the city of Pilsen and he is also the creator of the Czech Innovation Expo and Prague Histories.




Nikola graduated in Psychology at the Charles University in Prague and currently is an internal PhD candidate at VŠE.

Her passion is in social psychology and psychological counselling. In practice, she helps to deliver the visions of creative people to the management of our clients. She is delighted to be able to bring scientific knowledge to practice.


lenka homolková

behavioral sciences researcher

Lenka is a marketing specialist and activist. She is a graduate of Marketing Communication and PR at Charles University, she also studied Media and Communication at the British Loughborough University and Neuropsychology and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

At present, she represents us in Utrecht, where she focuses on marketing, psychology, behavioural economics, and social responsibility.



project manager & researcher

Kristina is a specialist in copywriting, social networks, events and PR. She is a graduate of Marketing Communication and PR at Charles University and Events and Experience Management at British Goldsmiths University.

For over five years she has been working in the Museum of Czech and Slovak Exile of the 20th century as a coordinator of exhibitions and translator. She has participated in the organization of a number of events in the Czech Republic and England.


Here are several clients and projects we have worked on. Either separately or in the entirety of our group.


Brand development & product design

A story about how we built a watch brand that helps people to slow down. From initiation analysis of the market and target group through the creation of a brand, name, archetype, tone of voice and slogan to visual identity and logotype. And most importantly, the design of the first product line.



Marketing strategy & brand experience

How to optimize the marketing of an internationally acclaimed Prague boutique hotel? We have prepared Mosaic House and its group of brands for a major business transformation, designed strategy and mentored their team. We also created a gourmet campaign for the La Loca restaurant.



visual identity

The aim of the project was to bring the important cultural heritage to the original form, to respect the history of its development and to present its stud farm as proof of hippological culture in our territory. Part of the project was the intention to restore the stud's logo in a form that would, along with the mission, respect its historical development.


Some of the clients we have worked for:


The art of creating engaging and growing brands is based on day to day development or our own know-how. Most of us spend at least one day a week learning and reading. And this is the place where we share what we have learned. You can also follow us on or if you do not want to miss any new articles, subscribe to our newsletter. The Kontra newsletter is also the only place, where you can purchase tickets to our monthly exclusive events:


Upcoming events

Every last Thursday we meet with our clients, colleagues and friends to discuss new marketing opportunities in many fields. However…

Our events are held exclusively for subscribers of Kontra newsletter. So, if you register to them, we will require check, that you are subscribed. Otherwise we refund your reservation back to your account trough Evenbrite. If you are part of our community, you are most sincerely welcome!

For now, the events are held in czech. See upcoming topic:


Hearables = wearables + hear. Tedy nositelná technologie ovládaná hlasem.

25/4/2019 18:00 @ Café Lajka

O tom, co už umíme a co je komerčně dostupné. V roce 2020 má mít hlasového asistenta doma údajně přes 100 miliónů domácností. Již nyní je pětina všech vyhledávání v Google založená na hlasovém příkazu skrze Siri. O tom, co to znamená pro marketing, reklamu a zákaznickou cestu k produktům.

Keynote: Adam Ondráček (Kontra)

Report z největšího technologického veletrhu na světě ces představí a diskutovat budou:

Radek Nišev, zakladatel eshopu s wearables

Jan Petrmichl, designér wearables z ČVUT

Our Office

Right now, we are scattered amongst Prague, Utrecht and New York, mostly in coworking places.

However, starting in July, you will find us in DRN WeWork offices.


Národní třída 135/14, Prague 1
Postal Code: 110 00

Czech Republic


Contact Us

For any business or cooperation inquiries, please contact PA of Adam Ondráček:

Lucie Doležalová

+420 775 599 938

or stop by on one of our regular Prague events.