Every growth has its limits.

Every growth has its limits.

SUSTAINABLE Marketing strategy

& growth hacking

Marketing is a key tool for scaling your business nad growth of the company. Massively growing sales does not necessarily mean massively growing revenues. And the same is with matkering expenses.

Alfa and omega of marketing strategy is then to create your boundaries right, set your mantinels and lay out your investment along with risk assesment. Margin analysis and structure of product portfolio is in this case even more important than selecting the right target group. The rest is “only” right channels and creativity. But, what is it that makes great marketing strategy work?

For us in KONTRA, business is bia of an oxymoron. On one hand, the art of business lays in ability to scale it. That means findign other resources than your own time to create revenues even when you sleep. On the other hand, we constantly advice entepreneurs to set their business limits. Many of them are, in fact, not entrepreneurs but people with big sense of freedom who only want to create boss-free job for themself. That is perfectly allright, actually the same is KONTRA studio. Our business model is hardly a scalable one as all of our services are based on time posibilities of very small team.

However - current state of consumer packaged goods is in a terrible state. The product values like quality and consistency are diminishing and most of the sales are driven by price and brand. It is clearly visible when you see “succesful” companies “growing” endlessly. Electric scooters Bird are valuated more than 1 bilion USD but people in streets of LA are setting them on fire. Is this the true succesfgul growth?

We don't think so. So, if they are your ideal, please find different consultants. The same is with Black Friday - if you want us to advice you to have it in your marketing plan, it won't work. More on that.

Many people around marketing or creative industries uses the phrase “sky is the limit”. Well, in truth, it really is. If it becomes too hot, we can go f**k ourselves with our marketing.

In KONTRA, we follow the path of sustainable marketing. Recent Harvard study even proved on global data, that sustainable companies are traded better on stock exchange. Read more.

For us, marketing means sustainable growth. And we have few hacking tips for you.

What are the puzzles of marketing strategy?

  • Investment layout

  • Portfolio, margins, price and sale strategy

  • Marketing targets setup and return on investment set-up

  • Budget split and alocation along with marketing targets

  • Potential outcome prediction, final decision of investment

  • Strategy

    • Target group modelling

    • Channels set-up and their afinity

    • Key message, pain spots and benefits

    • Funnels (channel method)

    • Creative concept

    • Mediaplan + activity plan

    • Key perfomance indicators set-up

  • (optional) Team set-up (see more)

    • Team briefing and mentoring

  • Campaign supervision

Expected time and price: Marketing strategy can be prepared in around 12 mandays of work, starting on 5 600 EUR + VAT. However the price differs on amount of invested finances and have to be at least 6% of alocated budget. Final output is possible in 2-3 months since the cooperation begins.

Who is responsible for strategies? Have a look:

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