Team mentoring & marketing procurement

The advertising agency does not work for you, but always for themselves. In fact, each supplier does the same thing, but we can not say that it is wrong. However, there is one major danger.

If you are outsourcing marketing and advertising, you are primarily asking for a “human time”. As the business model of each advertising agency is based on its sale, the more you sell it, the more you earn on the margin. Advertising agencies margins are around 40-60% of the price per hour. It is not necessarily wrong, but it shows how much inefficiency the margin has to cover.

We are not trying to sell you our time, but our know-how. With ten years of experience from advertising agencies, we know when and what to outsource, how much the thing you need should cost and how to set quality and performance control.

Team mentoring

At the moment we give our client a brand strategy or a marketing strategy, the real struggle may come up. How to implement it? That is why we have learned to be there for our client even at this moment. So, what are we offering?

  • internal team positioning - headhunting

  • assembling a combined internal and external team - headhunting and establishing working relationships with freelancers

  • creating work processes and the circle of competencies for both internal and combined teams

  • setting both team and personal key performance indicators

  • supervising KPI's and personal development of individual team members through mentoring or training and career development recommendations

  • briefing on a marketing strategy or brand strategy


It does not mean, that we would look after your team forever. We will help you temporarily before we find the right manager together. The construction of a combined team, partly composed of internal employees and partly from a freelancer group, is mostly appropriate for companies that are in dynamic growth. This period usually overcomes over time, and it makes sense to have a completely internal or marketing team almost completely outsourced to an advertising agency.

Marketing procurement

We can help you with the selection of advertising, media and PR agencies. Whether it will be a specific recommendation or a tailor-made selection process that we will carry out for you.

We will help you to write the assignment so accurate, that agencies will understand it both on the creative and business side.


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Some of the clients we helped to get their marketing running: