Content strategy is important for you in a moment in which you decide to enter the social media environment with your brand, while creating a new corporate website, if you want to enhance brand awareness in the target audience, or whether you want to attract a new (different) group of users or customers.

Advertising sells products. Content sells a lifestyle. Lifestyle creates a community. A community generates new customers.

We will create a strategy for your social media, website, and PR. We will also build you a team of vendors, freelancers or employees. In the case of a larger company, we will recommend you the agency or consult the agency selection procedure.

Do you want to support your brand with meaningful content?

What are the components of a content strategy?

  • Current status analysis, goal analysis

  • Analysis of the target group

  • Target group model(s)

  • Determining channels (which social media, web, PR, etc.)

  • Identifying areas of interest

  • Focus group verification

  • Creation of the umbrella creative concept

  • Creating an editorial plan that respects all goals and umbrella concepts and applies recommended channels and areas of interest

  • Recommendations for content distribution (and/or creation of databases or leads)

  • Recommendations for edits of individual channels used, or briefs for creating them

  • Creation of content for all channels for 3 months

  • AND/OR mentoring team for 3 months

  • AND/OR team building and mentoring for 3 months

  • Three months of analytics of functioning of the content strategy

  • Revision of the content, its creation or distribution, redesigning the creative concept based on the analysis outputs

  • Any additional mentoring

Approximate time and price:  From the analysis to the recommendation for editing the individual channels, count for about 6 to 8 days in a 3-6 week period. The remaining activities are always very dependent on the agreed scale.

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