There is always a different direction…

There is always a different direction…


One important thing to start with. Do not think that a new or better brand will sell you more products. The only thing, that is important is, that your brand is sufficiently different. A different brand will sell your products better.

A brand is not marketing. Either an advertisement. It is a set of values, rules, symbols, colours and attitudes that help you to differ from the buzz of the outside world and your competition.  

Two most important features of your brand:


Brand development is our most important specialization. Our psychologists, behavioural economists, analysts, lawyers and designers work together to create the perfect plan for your brand development.


When do you need to create a new brand?

- when you are entering the market with a new product

- or you are bringing a foreign product to a highly saturated domestic market

- when you are significantly changing your product portfolio or your service

- when a company was sold or its large acquisitions

- when you need to change your company image

- or you have a challenging PR crisis

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What will you gain with a strongly built brand?

- confidence in making important decisions inside and outside your company

- a reputation of an attractive workplace for new employees and the loyalty of those existing

- you will increase the value of your product and the total revenue of your company

- you will increase the authenticity of your brand communication and better meet your communication goals

- you will notice the increasing value of your company on a stock exchange within one or two fiscal periods

- you will gain an advantage against the competition on the market with similar products


Some of the clients we helped push the brand to the next level:




  • a qualitative analysis of all touchpoints (all the places where the brand communicates) and all stakeholders (all the people and organizations that are affected by the brand activity)

  • (optional) monitoring of brand, product segment, and competing for brand conversations. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic to have access to PULSAR. This tool combines the monitoring of digital mentions about a brand, competition and artificial intelligence IBM. Thanks to PULSAR we are able to do a quantitative survey based on real data.


  • based on a research we analyze the situation in the areas of Product, Market, Target Groups, Communications

  • we always confront client information with data and therefore we add verification in the form of searches, public surveys, focus groups and other tools


  • using a series of workshops we set the brand vision. We always invite key stakeholders for the workshop - management, ideally owners, collaborating marketing vendors, or employees who are in touch with the customer every day.

  • based on audit and analysis, we will create positioning in individual key parameters such as Product, Communication, or Target Group. Depending on the situation, we will try to differentiate the brand in the strongest parameters.

  • (optional) using the BrandPersonality workshop we determine the personality of your brand.


  • Brand manual (how the brand speaks)

    • based on the previous steps, we create a brand archetype

    • Tone of Voice according to Norman Nielsen's methodology

    • we create a brand name and verify it for availability of brand registration

    • key slogans and claims

  • Visual identity (how the brand looks)

    • we design corporate colors, fonts, shapes and more

    • we design a visual identity and logotype

    • we will create scenarios and edits to individual brand touchpoints (f.e. store design, guest communication, follow-up emails etc.)


  • we will identify key brand communication topics

  • we will determine communication goals and their measurement

  • we will create a communication plan and budget

  • we will propose communication channels and a strategy for their use

  • we will create creative concepts

The output is a Brand book consisting of brand manual, visual identity and key findings from analysis . You will also get a one-pager brand manual, which comes in handy during trainings and hiring news staff members.

Expected time and cost: Whole Brand book takes around 4 months to deliver since the start of project. Cost may vary on many levels, but starting at 10 000 EUR + VAT.


Need something bit faster? Try our training. Brand development packed in TWO days:

Take a look at a case study of a brand development:



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