Don't rush, there are important things to do.

When you want to push your business to next step, you will take, literally, many steps into unknown. There is one thing you need to be sure of - your brand. What is its role, when a competitor comes into a market? What is its tone of voice? How should my brand communicate with consumers when they are happy and how should we communicate when there is a crisis?

All this is captured in one document: Brand book.

Have you got one?

We offer you special twelve months subscription programme which will get you your first Brand book.


For the first time in history, we uncover our brand development method. Until now, it was accesible only to our clients and now to public during this coaching programme. It has a from of a subscription, which has two advantages - you know, we will have time to serve your brand and also you know, you will make your schedule to cooperate. It is a unique opportunity - taking in mind how small our team is, we only can accomodate two members of this programme every year.

KONTRA brand coaching is a programme for middle sized and bigger companies. Partly educational, partly self-development and really focussed on outputs. Instead of intensive coworking with clients on brand development, when we need your attention every week during four months, in KONTRA Brand coaching we will meet once a month and every time push your brand forward.

It gives us possibility to put in focus details, which are currently in your marketing radar. We will have time to see the whole strategy from eagle's point of view. In one year, we will have exact communication, visual identity and brand design on our table. During this year you will be in hands of marketers, behavioural experts and designers.

What is in the 12 months programme?

Your Brand book lands on your table in 10th month. It is a complex brand strategy consisting of brand manual and visual identity completed with graphic manual and communication strategy.

  • Brand manual - clearly defines, what tone your brand speaks, what are the key topics, stakeholders and target groups, its market positioning, personality and many other parameters.

  • Visual identity - design of logo, key colours, safe zones and basic set of touchpoints like visit cards or website homepage. Different outputs can be added.

  • Brand onepager

Rest of the time - the 2 months - are considered to serve for consultations when implementing the brand and to prepare the following campaign.

Every monthy we will meet at the same date for consulting session. Some of the months, there wil be even two consulting sessions. Alltogether - marketers, experts and designer will allocate for you 4-5 mandays of work every month. Every consulting session, we will present the outputs and set goals for next month.

Consulting sessions serves also for the purpose of you throwing actual marketing & communication topics at us (i.e. current campaigns, suppliers, creatives etc.) and for us giving you quick advices.

As you may understand, the capacity of our small team is very limited and so we are able to accomodate only two subscribers every year.

How much is the subscription?

Monthly fee for KONTRA brand coaching programme is 1 600 EUR.

6 months subscription will cost you 1 360 EUR / month.

Convienient subscription for 12 months is then 1 240 EUR / month.

Before the start of programme you pay 3 months advance, then you pay following month in advance. Cancel anytime.


Send us your application to the selection process for this programme. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a videocall interview with us.

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You will be in hands of marketers, designers and other experts. Have a look:

Programme outline:

1st month

Product, market and target group analysis, stakeholders definition, user pain spot, user story, brand tools & touchpoints mapping. Competition mapping. Tools of data verification.

2nd month

Product Values workshop

Brand Visions workshop

Brand Commitment Matrix

3rd month

Brand Purpose, Brand Archetype, Cognitive disonance, Tone of voice.

4. měsíc

Naming, claim and brand category

5. měsíc

Logo and visual identity briefing to designer, brand story

6th month

User story for target groups and stakeholders, pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase communication, brand experience.

Brand Touchpoints and its creative concepts.

7th month

Brand manual

8th month

Logo and basic visual identity

9th month

Final visual identity, basic set: logo, font, colours, safe zones, kerning, symbol, website homepage, social media profiles, visit cards, email signatures, headed paper

10th month

Final Brand book

11th month

Consulting sessions for brand implementation

12th month

Consulting sessions for campaign execution


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